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Betzanaye Farrier Service
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 I'm John Glendenning, American Farrier Association trained Farrier, graduate of Shur-shod Horseshoeing School.
 I have over eight years experience trimming and shoeing horses, as gently and calmly as possible. I won't drug your horse, or hit your horse, but I will care for your horse, as I do my own


 Betzanaye (Bets and I, named for my wife Betsi & I) Farrier Service was born from the idea that horse people deserve a professional service provider that shows up when he says he will, and is available for emergencies at the horse owner's desire and NEED. While I cannot promise the owner that I will be at the barn immediately, I will be there as soon as I can, to insure the soundness and comfort of the horse.

 After each visit to your "barn", I will update my contact data, and give you an approximimate date that I will contact you to set up your next appointment. I have found that continuing care insures the well-being of your horse, while eliminating the need for the owner to keep track of when the Farrier should be called. Most horse owners already have enough recurring activities in thier lives. Farrier services should be convienient, economical and specific to the horse recieving the care.


What I will do:
1. Inspect gait, hoof flight and hoof structure to determine the appropriate course of care for your horse.
2. Take the time required to calm your horses, and your riders with regard to Farriery issues and techniques.
3. Render advice, when asked, to insure the long term health of the lower limbs of your horses.
What I will NOT do:
1. Injure your horse.
2. Administer anesthetics to your horse
3. Discourge you from asking questions or seeking "second opinions" regarding your horses care.

Betzanaye Farrier Service
22215 Tootle Road
Gulfport, MS 39503
Cell: 1-228-324-9435

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